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Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying

No. 8923

Bullying in the Digital Age
by Robin M. Kowalski, PhD, Susan P. Limber, PhD, and Patricia W. Agatston, PhD

Cyber bullying has become more prevalent through the use of e-mail, instant messages, chat rooms, and other digital messaging systems. It brings with it unique challenges. Cyber Bullying provides the most current and essential information on the nature and prevalence of this epidemic, providing educators, parents, psychologists and policy-makers with critical prevention techniques and strategies for effectively addressing electronic bullying. (224 pp.)

  • Provides an empirically-based resource with up-to-date information about the nature and prevalence of cyber bullying through the use of email, instant messages, chat rooms, and other digital messaging systems
  • Examines the role of anonymity in electronic bullying
  • Includes feedback from focus groups and individual interviews with students and parents
  • Offers a handy reference with practical strategies for educators, parents, psychologists and policy makers about prevention and intervention of cyber bullying
  • Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Children's Experiences with Traditional Forms of Bullying
    3. What is Cyber Bullying?
    4. Current Research on Cyber Bullying
    5. What Parents Can Do
    6. What Educators Can Do
    7. Laws and Policies
    8. Conclusion


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