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Digital Footprint: Watch Where You Step (DVD)

Digital Footprint: Watch Where You Step (DVD)

No. 6913

from Learning Zone Xpress
Your digital footprint is the data trace left by your activity in a digital environment—whether on the Internet, buying something with a credit card, or using a mobile phone. Like everything on the web, digital data cannot be washed away—it remains forever, a permanent footprint. Discover how the things you do in a digital environment can ultimately have an impact on your life, including:

  • Your Digital Identity - A Permanent Step
  • Sharing and Scaring - The Dangers of Sexting
  • Social networking - Safe Steps
  • Cleaning Up - Putting Your Best Digital Foot Forward
  • For grade 8 to adult. Closed-captioned. (21 min.) Downloadable teaching materials included.


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