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Drugs and the Developing Brain program

Drugs and the Developing Brain program

No. 6945

by Ken C Winters, Ph.D., Jeff Lee, M.Ed., with Mary K. Winters, M.Ed.

The prefrontal cortex is the area of the brain that governs judgment and decision-making, and it is the last part of the brain to develop. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, this could explain why teens are more prone to risk-taking, why they are particularly vulnerable to drug abuse, and why exposure to drugs at this critical time of their lives may cause future substance use issues.

Drugs and the Developing Brain is a curriculum designed to teach teens and young adults about emerging brain science and how brain development may make them more vulnerable to the harmful effects of alcohol and other drug use. The CD contain 8 PowerPoint lessons about brain science, along with extension activities. Each lesson takes 5-15 minutes. It may be used in school, treatment, or juvenile justice settings. It's designed for all students, putting it in the category of universal prevention efforts.

The CD-ROM contains a facilitator's guide, a PowerPoint presentation, and parent handouts that provide information about the brain and the neurobiology of addiction—all in an easy-to-understand format.

Lesson 1: Brain Basics
Lesson 2: The Teen Brain
Lesson 3: Dopamine and the Brain's Reward System
Lesson 4: How Drugs Harm the Brain
Lesson 5: How Drugs Change the Brain—Cravings and Addiction
Lesson 6: How Drugs Can Impair Learning
Lesson 7: Teens, Drugs, and Decision Making
Lesson 8: Making the Most of Your Developing Brain


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