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Parent in jail

The Ex-Offender's Re-Entry Success Guide: Smart Choices for Making It on the Outside

The Ex-Offender's Re-Entry Success Guide: Smart Choices for Making It on the Outside

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by Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D.

Now in its second edition, this book addresses the major day-to-day challenges facing ex-offenders as they re-enter the free world. While the re-entry process is fraught with challenges that can lead to rejections, disappointments, and temptations, this is also a time for self-renewal and transformation. There are silver linings here for those who see opportunities in adversity—a unique time for ex-offenders to put greater meaning and direction into their lives so they will never again waste their time and mind sitting in a prison, jail, or detention center.

Highlights of this self-directed book include:

  • A comprehensive 146-item re-entry success assessment test
  • Examples of ex-offenders making difficult choices
  • Examination of ex-offender mindsets and how to change them
  • Recommended resources to reinforce and expand learning
  • Exercises for developing a purpose and legacy in life
  • Daily action-planning exercises to implement the seven-step process for re-entry
  • A planning journal for keeping critical re-entry activities on track
  • Forms to help organize a budget and use community support systems
  • Powerful quotes for guiding one's life
  • Designed in an interactive workbook format, this invaluable resource addresses everything from attitudes, motivation, and education to telling the truth, taking responsibility, building trust, seeking community-based assistance, and leaving a legacy.

    Because it addresses the whole re-entry process, this book is "must" reading for anyone preparing to re-enter the free world. It's also an ideal book for friends, loved ones, and supporters as well as those who are already on the outside but need better guidance on how they can jump-start their new life...and stay out for good! (128 pp.)

    What's Your Re-Entry IQ?
    Use Your Mind, Own Your Time
    7 Steps to True Freedom
    Step 1: Choose Your Attitudes and Motivations
    Step 2: Develop a Purpose in Your Life
    Step 3: Get Smart Through Education, Training, and Life-Long Learning
    Step 4: Tell the Truth About the New You
    Step 5: Take Responsibility and Build Trust
    Step 6: Seek Assistance for Life-Long Recovery
    Step 7: Leave a Legacy as a Good Friend, Spouse, Parent, and Citizen
    Action Planning for Re-Entry Success


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