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Families in Action for Teens and Parents (old edition)

Families in Action (old edition) PowerPoint

Families in Action (old edition) PowerPoint

No. 1782

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Families in Action Parent/Teen Group PowerPoint - instant download with payment by credit card 1782E $49.00 0
Families in Action Parent/Teen Group PowerPoint - on disk 1782M $49.00 .1

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Families in Action Parent+Teen Group PowerPoint
Successful leaders keep parents' attention by writing key points on the board while they talk. The Leader's Guide included with the program kit explains what to write and when.

The Families in Action for Parents PowerPoint presentation saves time by projecting these key points for you. Added bonus—they are easier to read! Best of all, you can customize your PowerPoint pages to suit your group's needs. You'll use this set of PowerPoint slides for the parent portion of your combined parents + teens class. (90 slides)

Note: instant download available with credit card payment only. PowerPoint files are nonrefundable.

Note: the old edition has been replaced with a new edition: Active Parenting of Teens: Families in Action. Click for details.


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