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Families in Action (old edition) Teen's Guide

Families in Action (old edition) Teen's Guide

No. 1762

Families in Action Teen's Guide
by Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D.; and Peggy Hendrickson, MA, MSW, ACSW
This book provides vital information for adolescents, covering important communication skills while helping them to understand the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

Chapter 1 - The Active Family
Chapter 2 - Courage and Self-Esteem
Chapter 3 - Teen Behavior and Problem-Solving
Chapter 4 - Responsibility & Discipline
Chapter 5 - Cooperation and Communication
Chapter 6 - The Problem-Solving Family in Action

Contains the skills, activities, and at-home practice needed to turn your Families in Action for Teens class into a dynamic learning experience. (114 pp.)

Note: this guide is used in the old edition of Families in Action and will be available while supplies last. Click here for books used in the new edition of Teens in Action.


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