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First Aid for Tantrums

First Aid for Tantrums

No. 8231

by Kathy Levinson
A friendly, down-to-earth guide that tells parents all they need to know about tantrums and how to deal with them. From the terrible twos to the turbulent teens, this friendly, funny, and down-to-earth guide tells parents all they need to know about tantrums. Dr. Kathy Levinson, a mother and self-professed "tantrum survivor," as well as popular family therapist, answers all your questions:

What are the most common tantrum triggers?

Does time-out really work?

When is a tantrum not a tantrum?

How does a parent handle plane trips with a toddler? Long car rides? The supermarket?

How can a parent survive the terrible twos with a sense of humor and sanity intact?

Dr. Levninson's warm and loving style has garnered her many fans. Learn the secrets, tips, and sound advice that only First Aid for Tantrums can give you! (160 pp.)

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