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Game Over: Women in Prison (DVD)

Game Over: Women in Prison (DVD)

No. 6824D

Videotaped by inmates at a women's prison, "Game Over: Women in Prison" was produced to discourage girls from falling into a life of crime. It shows young women and girls what can happen by hanging out with the wrong crowd, doing drugs or being in a gang. Inmates share heartfelt stories about what led them to prison and what prison life is really like. They explain how they lose their identities: they are allowed no personal items, everyone has a number, everyone must wear the same clothes (used, not new) and they are subjected to random room searches.

According to one prison inmate, "You better kiss that Vidal Sassoon goodbye. You better not hope you're getting any Neutrogena lotion, you're not getting no curling irons..." Comes with public performance rights and a 29-page facilitator's guide. Closed-captioned. (30 min.)

Recommended by Parents' Choice:
"Neither sensational nor emotional, this modestly produced program offers a frank and real look at women in prison. One inmate shows the toilet in the middle of the cell, within arm's length of her cellmate's bed, offering zero privacy. A close-up of a tray of food reveals a piece of bread, a baked potato and a sick-looking fish filet. Showers are provided every other day. Jail is all about rules. No choices, no individuality. That seems obvious, and yet, the stark presentation here really drives it home. Interviews with inmates are powerful as women cry and talk about having refused to listen to anyone, they made bad choices—and that's how they wound up in prison. Any high schooler who is feeling invincible and figures that listening to authority doesn't matter or that committing crimes won't affect her, would benefit from this haunting video."
-©2007 Parents' Choice

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