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Grandparents as Parents

Grandparents as Parents

No. 8324

A Survival Guide for Raising a Second Family
by Sylvie de Toledo and Deborah Edler Brown

Second edition published in 2013!

Of the more than a million American grandparents who today are the sole caregivers for their grandchildren, most have found their lives changed, their finances challenged, and their parenting techniques antiquated with a new, and often traumatized, generation. An enlightening resource for all professionals who encounter this phenomenon and a perfect reading recommendation for grandparents and family members, this book offers compassion, encouragement, and fact-filled advice. It covers everything a grandparent needs to know to cope with the practical, day-to-day needs of raising a child today. (329 pp.)

Table of Contents


I. When the Second Shift Arrives
1. Unplanned Parenthood: Why Me?
2. Taking Immediate Action
3. Your Lifestyle: Changed and Challenged
4. Family at Large: Your Spouse and Other Children
5. Your Adult Child
6. Your Troubled Grandchild
7. Your Grandchild and the School
8. The Drug Epidemic at Home
9. When Parents Get Their Children Back

II. Through the Red Tape
10. Grandparenting and the Law
11. Child Protection and the Dependency System
12. Government Aid and Public Assistance
13. Special Education and Early Intervention

III. Strength in Numbers
14. Their Arms about Us: Finding and Forming Support Groups
15. Conclusion

Appendix A: Resources for Grandparents and Relative Caregivers
Appendix B: Conversation Topics for Grandparent Support Groups
Appendix C: Thank You to the Relatives of the Crying Woman



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