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Guiding Behavior in Young Children DVD

Guiding Behavior in Young Children DVD

No. 6954

A Learning Seed video
Despite their best moments, toddlers and preschoolers often behave in ways that frustrate their parents and caregivers, and even endanger their own safety. They are not intentionally being "bad." What can parents and caregivers do to guide their behavior in a positive way?

In this video viewers will learn why misbehavior occurs and common reactions by caregivers. Discover some rules of thumb for guiding the action and reactions of young children. Learn how to create and enforce a plan to help stop misbehavior and bring about desired behavior. See how consequences and rewards work to motivate children to control their own behavior.

Click here to view/download the discussion guide. Closed-captioned. (30 min.)

"A sensible and informative guide, this is highly recommended."
- Video Librarian


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