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Hit the Ground Crawling: Lessons from 150,000 New Fathers

Hit the Ground Crawling: Lessons from 150,000 New Fathers

No. 8867

by Greg Bishop

150,000 New Dads Can't Be Wrong

Hit the Ground Crawling has the answers you want, collected from more than 150,000 men who have participated in Boot Camp for New Dads, the nation's largest orientation program for men getting ready to be fathers.

Learn practical tips that prepare you for the challenge of raising a baby:

  • From diapering to burping and everything in between
  • Keeping your baby safe
  • Caring for—and surviving—new moms
  • Preparing your pets
  • Juggling your growing family, job and personal time
  • Reigniting romance in your relationship
  • Forming your new family
  • And more!

    Get the straight talk on:

  • What dads offer that babies can't get from anyone else
  • Why you are not an assistant mom, and no one should expect you to be
  • Ten ways your early involvement instantly benefits your kids
  • How "dad time" makes your child smarter, happier, and more of an achiever
  • The power of play and sports—from peek-a-boo to Monday Night Football
  • What to do when someone says you're doing it "wrong"
  • How other men are doing it, and how you can, too—your way

    (314 pp.)

    About the author
    Greg Bishop has twelve brothers and sisters and four kids of his own, so he had changed a lot of diapers when he started the Boot Camp for New Dads in 1990. Today, he and 400 other Boot Camp coaches conduct workshops around the country.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction: Big Job Ahead

    Part One: Lay Of The Land
    Great Time To Be A Dad
    Intro To Babies
    Becoming A Family
    Becoming A Mom
    Becoming A Dad
    Pregnancy: The Warmup

    Part Two: Rubber Hits The Road
    Getting Ready
    Your Baby's Birth
    Taking Your New Family Home
    Caring For Your New Baby
    Caring For New Moms
    Troubleshooting Guide To Crying Babies

    Part Three: Hitting Your Stride
    Raising A Baby
    Your New Buddy
    New Dad Six Week Checkup
    Reconstructing Relationships
    Re-Igniting Romance
    We Are All In This Together

    Part Four: Appendix
    Learning More/Getting Help
    Babies With Special Needs
    Protecting Your Baby And Family
    Recording Your New Family
    New Family Finance

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