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How to Help Your Child Overcome Your Divorce

How to Help Your Child Overcome Your Divorce

No. 8943

by Elissa P. Benedek, M.D., and Catherine F. Brown, M.Ed.
How to Help Your Child Overcome Your Divorce provides the latest information on helping divorced parents raise their children to be happy, well-adjusted individuals. Written by one of the most respected experts in child and forensic psychiatry, the book offers parents practical, direct advice, with numerous case examples to illustrate specifics.

The book includes information on support groups and other organizations that divorced parents may find helpful, and it answers some of the most common questions on which divorced parents seek guidance.

This book is your guide to helping your children adjust to your separation and divorce, telling your children about how the divorce will affect them, reassuring your children that you will continue to love and care for them—and then doing just that, helping you avoid many of the parenting pitfalls common after divorce, keeping your relationship with your ex-spouse as free of conflict as possible, cooperating with your ex-spouse on matters pertaining to the children, helping your children feel good about themselves and grow as individuals, and helping your children obtain help and guidance from other people. (311 pp.)

Table of Contents

1 - It's a Different World Now
2 - The Decision to Divorce: Putting the Children First
3 - How to Tell Your Children
4 - Minimizing the Effects of the Legal Process on Your Children
5 - Impact of Divorce on Children
6 - Impact of Divorce on Parenting
7 - Visitation and Related Issues
8 - Special Parenting Issues
9 - Parenting Techniques to Build Your Child's Self-Esteem
10 - Discipline: Parent as Guide and Teacher
11 - Making Use of Others' Suppport
12 - Danger Signals:When Is Professional Help Needed?
13 - Adjusting to Life in a Stepfamily
14 - Questions and Answers
15 - Additional Resources
16 - Bibliography
17 - Index


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