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Kids Who Think Outside the Box

Kids Who Think Outside the Box

No. 8812

Helping Your Unique Child Thrive in a Cookie-Cutter World
by Stephanie Lerner

In the first book of its kind, an unprecedented roster of legendary talents will help you bring out the best in your amazing child.

Look at today's superachievers in business, technology, the arts, sports, and politics. What were they like as children and teens, and what brought out their incredible talents? In this extraordinary book, 22 unparalleled achievers from diverse professions talk about their own experiences, offering candid insights on mentoring and empowering children with high potential. Kids Who Think Outside the Box presents strategies for parents, teachers, and others to use to harness a child's natural inclinations and gifts, whatever they may be.

First-person narratives include:
Legendary musician and former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney; Academy Award®-nominated director, producer, and actor Spike Lee; New York City Mayor and former Bloomberg LLP Chief Executive Michael R. Bloomberg; Goldman Sachs Vice Chairman Robert D. Hormats; artist Chuck Close; hockey legend Rod Gilbert; presidential advisor Michael Gerson; world-renowned heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz; naturalist and South Pole explorer Tori Murden McClure; and others.

The book also includes an extensive directory of programs and resources, from science camps to performing arts academies, leadership institutes, elite sports training programs, and more. Far from fanciful theory, this book is designed to be used in the development of our future "living legends." Featuring an unprecedented confluence of first-hand accounts, careful research, and practical tools and resources, Kids Who Think Outside the Box will help readers tap the vast potential in every child. (254 pp.)

About the author
Stephanie Lerner has produced programs for national and local radio and TV. Her shows have included "Power Profiles"; "Time of Your Life"; and "Stephanie Lerner and Company."


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