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Las Familias Hablan Sobre... video series

Las Familias Hablan Sobre... (set of 9)

Las Familias Hablan Sobre... (set of 9)

No. 1260D

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Set of 9 videos on DVD 1260 $559.00  
Online Video Library (1 year) 1260LC $239.00  

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Families Talk About...
series created by James Sayre, M.D.; produced by Rose Films, Inc.

This set of 9 videos shows inner-city families describing how they relate to their children in ways that reflect kindness, love, and consideration even when living in the harshest of poverty-stricken, urban environments. See Series Description for more information about each video.

Dubbed in Spanish by professional actors in Mexico. Each video comes with discussion guidelines.

Videos in the series:

  • "Estableciendo el Vínculo Afectivo con su Bebé" (Bonding with Your Baby) (16 min.)
  • "La Educación Comineza en Casa" (Education Starts at Home) (24 min.)
  • "Palabras Sabias Acerca de la Disciplina" (Wise Words on Discipline) (18 min.)
  • "Los Padres son Importantes" (Fathers Matter) (19 min.)
  • "Estimulando Actividades Positivas" (Encouraging Positive Activities) (18 min.)
  • "Los Padres Solteros" (Single Parenting) (23 min.)
  • "El Matrimonio" (Marriage) (18 min.)
  • "Los Padres de Crianza" (Foster Parenting) (24 min.)
  • "Abuelos como Padres otra vez" (Grandparents as Parents) (28 min.)
  • The series is available on DVD or streaming.
    The DVD edition contains 9 DVDs.

    The Online Video Library version offers a 1-year streaming subscription to the videos. Online Video Libraries are intended for home use only. Use of the Online Video Libraries requires a signed agreement. Ordering the OVL initiates the process but does not provide instant access. Click here for more details about how the Online Video Library works.


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