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Life Freaks Me out...and Then I Deal with It

Life Freaks Me out...and Then I Deal with It

No. 8821

(reassuring secrets from a former teenager)
by K. L. Hong

Turbulent. Exhilarating. Confusing. Real. These words describe what Life Freaks Me Out is all about—living, being, and growing up as a teen. Forget the fluff; this down-to-earth memoir touches on hard-hitting issues—drugs, alcohol, self-esteem, relationships, sex—to emphasize to today's teens the power of choice, and the importance of finding their own values and truths as they grow up. Author K. L. Hong takes readers on a candid journey of her own teen years (and the years since), offering young people guidance on answering life's big questions: Who am I? What's important to me? What am I called to do on this planet? Each chapter focuses on one important "truth" the author has gleaned from a variety of sources and life experiences including "If You're Still Breathing, You're Not Finished" and "For any teenager who has ever thought, Sometimes life DOES freak me out!," this book will be a warm confidant, a caring guide, and a compassionate friend. (153 pp.)

Review Editor's Choice 2005 selection: "Author Hong does not condescend nor does she preach, while sharing her life lessons in a manner to which any freaked-out teen (or aging adult with a young heart) might relate."
-Voices of Youth Advocates magazine


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