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Mentoring for Meaningful Results

Mentoring for Meaningful Results

No. 8808

Asset-Building Tips, Tools, and Activities for Youth and Adults
by Kristie Probst

Easy-to-use handouts for mentors, mentees, parents, and program leaders

What can you do to reenergize your mentoring program? How should busy mentors make the most of their time with mentees? What strategies can mentees use for communicating with their mentors? What is the role of parents and caregivers in the mentoring relationship? Packed with the answers to these questions and many more, Mentoring for Meaningful Results is the perfect roadmap to the mentoring experience.

Comprehensive in scope and organized around common mentoring issues, Mentoring for Meaningful Results addresses the needs of the entire mentoring team: program leaders, mentors, mentees, and the families of mentees. Over 50 easy-to-use, reproducible handouts help program leaders speak to each participant with practical tools they can distribute in their programs. This book is a must-have for schools, organizations, and communities starting new mentoring programs or seeking fresh ideas to enhance an existing program.

Topics include

  • Mentor recruitment
  • The role of a mentor
  • Conversation starters for mentor-mentee pairs
  • Low-cost activity ideas
  • Parental support for the mentoring relationship
  • Based on Search Institute's Developmental Assets, a powerful research framework for understanding healthy youth development, the content focuses on strengths and positive outcomes for everyone involved. More than a simple how-to book, this manual promises to enrich programs and improve relationships for countless mentoring pairs. (113 pp.)

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