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Out of Harm's Way/Safe Connections: Preventing Sexual Abuse

Out of Harm's Way/Safe Connections: Preventing Sexual Abuse

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Booklets to Help Parents Protect Children and Young Teens from Sexual Abuse
by Sandy K. Wurtele, Ph.D.

Out of Harm's Way: A Parent's Guide to Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse: “Dirty old men” and pedophiles are what many parents worry about when they think of child sexual abuse, but this straightforward, easy-to-read guide by abuse prevention expert Sandy Wurtele makes it clear that molesters aren’t so easy to detect.

Praised by parents and professionals alike for its authoritative and objective look at a heinous crime, Out of Harm’s Way, for caregivers of young children, can be used at home and in school, or as a complement to existing school safety curricula. It describes how community members and extended family members might groom a child for abuse, gradually increasing the inappropriateness of physical contacts. How to watch for such grooming, and how to discuss it with children are among the most important points in this book. (32 pp.)


Safe Connections: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Young Teens from Sexual Exploitation, provides advice for parents of older children.

As children near puberty and then move into their early teens, parents may worry about sexual abuse. This easy-to-read guide provides help in continuing discussions about personal safety, and it alerts parents to the issues of online predators, sexting and sexual exploitation, especially in what appear to be romances. It also provides practical advice for those who want to ensure that their kids are safe with the parents’ own friends or romantic partners.

Safe Connections includes detailed lists of warning signs that an adolescent is being abused, or is becoming an abuser. It’s ideal for use in school safety curricula, or as a complement to existing programs. (32 pp.)


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