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Parents Ask, Experts Answer

Parents Ask, Experts Answer

No. 9347

Nurturing Happy, Healthy Children

by Tina Nocera
Who’s the expert on your child? You are! But sometimes every parent has a question. Wouldn't it be nice to have the advice of other experts, too? Although no one has it all figured out, Parents Ask, Experts Answer empowers you by offering caring, informed responses from a variety of trusted professionals.

Parents Ask, Experts Answer uses an "advice column" format. Each section begins with a letter from a parent (e.g., "My 17-month-old son has slapped me twice when I was doing something he didn't like, like changing his diaper. I've never slapped him before and I don't know where he picked it up. What do I do?") followed by responses from a panel of parenting experts (ranging from "I suggest a brief time out" to "Immediately say in a stern voice "No. No hitting' " to "Don't hit to punish hitting, but don't ignore it, either"). This provides a range of responses, helping the reader see that there may be several helpful approaches to solving the problem. You will be empowered to choose a realistic solution that is right for your family. (244 pp.)

Tina Nocera and a panel of 35 experts offer advice on some of the most challenging issues faced by parents:

  • discipline
  • sleep
  • family relationships
  • special needs
  • techniology
  • bullying
  • caregivers
  • siblings
  • educaiton
  • peer pressure
  • behavior
  • play
  • separation
  • friendship
  • money


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