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Parents on Board Parent's Guide

Parents on Board Parent's Guide

No. 1503

by Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D.; Bettie B. Youngs, Ph.D.; and Jane M. Healy, Ph.D.
This book show parents fun, supportive and creative ways to help their children do better in school—and in life. And you don't have to be a homework genius! For parents of children ages four to 14. (221 pp.)

Chapter 1 - Learning to Learn
Chapter 2 - The School-Smart Home
Chapter 3 - Working with the School
Chapter 4 - Effective Discipline and Encouragement
Chapter 5 - Attitudes that Build Success
Chapter 6 - Parent as Coach
Chapter 7 - Coaching Your Child in Reading
Chapter 8 - Coaching Your Child in Writing, Spelling, Math and Science.

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