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Raising a Child with Autism & Special Needs DVD

Raising a Child with Autism & Special Needs DVD

No. 6972

from TMW Media Group

(Part of the "Mental Health Issues Issues: Christian Solutions series) Raising a child is challenging for any parent. But the challenges can be tenfold for parents of children with serious health problems or other special needs. Parents struggle with all the same kinds of child-rearing issues as other families, but the issues are often magnified. Special-needs children require a large amount of attention, guidance and support from their parents. This video focuses on empowering both parents and their children to reach their full potential as parents share their stories of faith along with the challenges and the rewards of raising a special needs child. It informs and educates as parents share their experiences and practical strategies to guide, support and give hope to other parents. (21 min.)

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Christian Active Parenting program kit

Christian Active Parenting program kit

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