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Raising Happy Kids

Raising Happy Kids

No. 8789

by Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer
Parents know that what really matters is that they help their children grow up feeling secure and good about themselves, enabling them to take pride in—and eventually take care of—themselves. Indeed, knowing and liking oneself are the keys to success in life, affecting personal relationships, general motivation, and success in work. So, what can parents do to ensure that they give kids the best possible leg-up in this respect? Demonstrating the use of praise, play, time, touch, and talking, expert and popular author Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer speaks to new and experienced parents alike, helping them encourage their children to develop into well-adjusted and happy people. With clear and simple advice—in the form of tips, techniques, and tools—Raising Happy Kids is an essential guide for parents striving to be nurturing and influential in this crucial role. (167 pp.)

"Great advice—The book shows parents simple ways to make their children feel secure."
—Boise Family Magazine

"A must-have guide…for parents who truly want to raise happy, healthy and fulfilled children."
—Curled Up with a Good Book

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