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Sexual Harassment at School (DVD)

Sexual Harassment at School (DVD)

No. 6934

from Learning Seed
This DVD contains two videos in one: A classroom program for students, and a professional development program for educators. Also contains a reproducible informational handout for parents.

Student Program
Do your students really understand what sexual harassment is? Can it happen to both girls and boys? Harassment can have a harmful and lasting effect on victims. It's also against the law. This program helps students identify when actions may constitute harassment and how to differentiate them from flirting. An expert comments on who harassers are, why they do it, and how it usually occurs at school. Hear student perspectives and practical steps to stop the harassment, as well as positive coping strategies once the harassment has occurred. Comes with downloadable 30-page resource guide and lesson plan. Closed-captioned. (21 min. )

Educator Program
Sexual harassment is a serious offense. Because of the nature of these cases, school faculty and staff must take great care in diagnosing and handling sexual harassment cases. This professional development video provides crucial information to help educators define their role in preventing and responding to sexual harassment. Viewers learn the role of Title IX policies, a method for reporting harassment, and ways to prevent it at school. Closed-captioned. (18 min. )

Part of the "Social Sensibilities" video series for teens and educators.


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