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Stepping Up to Life Skills (DVD)

Stepping Up to Life Skills (DVD)

No. 6917

This new video, part of the "Stepping On Up with Michael Pritchard" character education series, provides 4 lessons about life skills in warm-hearted skits performed by Pritchard and his lovable puppet pals. The problem-solving format sparks student discussion in guided brainstorming sessions with Michael bringing his trademark insight and caring humor to the research-based solutions.

Each lesson includes two video segments along with a leader's guide containing discussion-starters and activities to reinforce the lesson. For grades 3-6. (approx. 50 min.)

Lessons included in this video:
Lesson #1 Controlling Your Anger
Lesson #2 Resolving Conflict
Lesson #3 Learning to Bounce Back
Lesson #4 Choosing to Do Your Best


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