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Straight Talk About Schools Today

Straight Talk About Schools Today

No. 8947

Understand the System and Help Your Child Succeed
by Judy Molland

Schools in the United States are changing, with a teaching focus on core subject areas and basic skills. Funds are getting tighter, program priorities are shifting, and parent involvement is more important than ever. Writing in easy-to-follow Q&A style, an award-winning educator takes you by the hand and guides you through the system: understanding how public and private education works in the United States, choosing a school, making sense of grades and report cards, the No Child Left Behind act, standardized tests, your rights as a parent, and more. Includes a glossary of "edu-speak" terms, resources, and plenty of encouragement. Copyright 2007. (208 pp.)

About the author
Judy Molland, B.A. Hons., Dip. Ed., is an award-winning teacher and writer. She is Contributing Education Editor for Dominion Parenting Media (formerly United Parenting Publications), the largest syndicate of parenting magazines in the United States, and has numerous articles featured on Parenthood.com. She has been writing about education for more than ten years.

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