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Teen Family Book Club combo pack

Teen Family Book Club combo pack

No. 4508

by Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D.
Ease into difficult family discussions with this combo pack that presents information about the teenage years in age-appropriate formats. Form a family book club and jump-start important conversations with your teen!

The first book, Active Parenting of Teens, provides vital information as you guide your child into adulthood. Covers ways to discipline your adolescent without hitting; skills to build responsible behavior; tools to develop open communication so your teen can come to you with problems; how to prevent risky behavior; avoiding drugs and alcohol; and more. (232 pp.)

The second book, Teens in Action, presents similar information but from a teen perspective. Filled with stories, exercises, and vibrant graphics, Teens in Action presents serious information in a not-too-serious way that will help break down barriers. Several of the concepts are even presented using graphic novel format. Comics like "Interview with the Vampire with Low Self-Esteem" and "A Teenage Werewolf Plays the Blame Game" will get a smile even out of jaded teens. (215 pp.)

After reading each chapter, talk together about what you learned and how it may affect the future. An added benefit of reading similar information at the same time is gaining perspective on the other side: parents gain insight into what their children are thinking, and teens can pause to consider what their parents are worried about.


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