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Test-Taking Tips for Children (set of 3)

Test-Taking Tips for Children (set of 3)

No. 6807D

from Schlessinger Media

Tests! The very word can send shivers down students' spines. Understanding what tests are, how they work and what they measure can help students be better prepared and feel more confident when taking tests—particularly state assessments mandated by No Child Left Behind. Join three young students as they compete in an imaginary game show to demystify test-taking and conquer test anxiety once and for all. With clear explanations, colorful graphics and lots of humor, the contestants learn and model solid strategies and useful tips for test-taking. Additional comical segments offer concrete examples of the importance of tests in everyday life and advice on how to keep test-taking in perspective. After all, this is not an emergency. It's only a test!

Set of 3 DVDs for grades 3-6. Teacher's Guides are included. Each video is 23 minutes long and is closed-captioned in English. Also contains a Spanish-language track.

3 volumes includes:

  • How to Answer Test Questions (23 min.)
  • Taking Tests in Different Subjects (23 min.)
  • What Are Tests? (23 min.)
  • "This series presents important test-taking strategies that would not only improve test scores, but raise general academic achievement as well." This timely series fills an important need and will benefit both students and teachers. Schools involved in high-stakes testing will find this a valuable addition to their library collections."
    - School Library Journal (April 2005)

    - Library Media Connection (November, 2005)


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