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The Fatherstyle Advantage

The Fatherstyle Advantage

No. 8823

Surefire Techniques Every Parent Can Use to Raise Confident and Caring Kids

by Kevin O'Shea and James Windell
Harvard-educated attorney Kevin O'Shea left his practice to become a stay-at-home dad. James Windell is also a highly involved father, as well as being a juvenile court psychologist and a noted author of parenting books. Active fathers and parent educators, they are now also activist fathers with a convincing message for American families: Dad's style of parenting yields big benefits for his children.

The Fatherstyle Advantage is the first how-to child-raising guide ever to focus on the positive qualities that men bring to parenting. It emphasizes men's special contributions to the family unit, including a strong sense of play and exacting standards, and sets up the core elements of "fatherstyle" as a desirable model to be emulated by men and women alike. Through father-to-father conversations, specific examples of family interactions, and other insightful anecdotes, the book provides specific advice on how the practices of the best fathers can be incorporated into every household. At a time when increasing numbers of men are spending more and more time with their children, this refreshingly different book is ideal for both fathers and mothers who are interested in new techniques that will lead to smarter parents, better-adjusted, more confident children, and stronger, healthier families. 208 pp.

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