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The 312 Best Things about Being a Stepmom

The 312 Best Things about Being a Stepmom

No. 8796

For those days when you can only come up with one or two on your own
by Cynthia L. Copeland

Forget Cinderella and the hundreds of other fairy tales about wicked stepmothers. Here is the truth—a warm, bright, positive, yet frankly honest and realistic celebration of the most challenging role any woman will face. Think of it as the joy of stepmomming, and the perfect Mother's Day gift of encouragement and support. Written and illustrated by Cynthia L. Copeland, a stepmother to three boys and author of the bestselling Really Important Stuff My Kids Have Taught Me, The 312 Best Things about Being a Stepmom is packed with humor, wisdom, empathy, quotes, and testimonials from dozens of stepmothers who have shared their experiences with the author.

So, if being a stepmother seems so often to be a storm cloud, this is the silver lining. For example: People can't figure out how old you are by the ages of your stepchildren. Or, When they hug you, you know it's genuine, not out of habit. You didn't have to agonize over whether to name your stepson after his grandfather, his rich uncle, or your favorite poet. If you ever go ahead and have kids of your own, you've had practice. And if you are already a parent: The trip to the warehouse club is finally worth the gas money. Your step-teens will see to it that your younger kids are up on the latest cool music, video games, and cargo pants. Family counsel now has enough people for a house and a senate. And, with so many more participants, there's a chance that you won't always get creamed at Scrabble! (420 pp.)

About the author
Cynthia L. Copeland lives in a New Hampshire farmhouse where she is a mom to three kids and a stepmom to three more.

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