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The CICC Discovery Tool

The CICC Discovery Tool

No. 8657

by Dr. Kerby T. Alvy and the staff of the Center for the Improvement of Child Caring
This practical guide helps you
  • Understand your child's development
  • Identify any special needs
  • Connects you to helpful resources
  • All parents want their children to grow as healthy and happy as possible.

    This practical and easy-to-use guide provides parents of young children with numerous and clear examples of what to expect from their children as they grow and develop. It is an interactive tool where parents complete questionnaires that keep them current on how their children are developing in comparison to their age-mates.

    The CICC Discovery Tool also addresses every parent's concern about whether their child is OK and whether their child has special needs that may require professional assistance.

    It further educates parents about numerous places and persons they can turn to for assistance and training, and how best to obtain services for their children.

    Making use of The CICC Discovery Tool on a regular basis is an excellent way for parents to give their children the gift of effective parenting. (144 pp.)


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