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The Practical Guide to Weekend Parenting

The Practical Guide to Weekend Parenting

No. 8857

101 Ways to Bond with Your Children While Having Fun
by Doug Hewitt

Parents have busy schedules. Kids have busy schedules. And today's family rarely fits the nostalgic ideal. Whether you are a full-time single parent, a weekend parent, a working parent, or just feel like it's getting harder and harder to have one-on-one time with your children, there's now an easy way to pick up some extra quality time and make plans for weekend fun. Strengthen your parent-child ties, teach, and have fun with your kids—all at the same time with The Practical Guide to Weekend Parenting.

Written by a divorced father of three, The Practical Guide to Weekend Parenting gives sensible advice from a parent who has walked in your shoes. Rather than telling you what your kids need and leaving you to figure out the rest, author Doug Hewitt suggests 101 activities to do with you kids that are both fun and functional. And, he guides you through being the "grown-up" with 12 straight-forward parenting principles. Between movie making and roller skating, charades and car games, The Practical Guide to Weekend Parenting teaches:

  • How to handle sibling rivalries and encourage equality
  • Hints on how to get the most out of the activities
  • Conversation starters to promote bonding
  • Practical advice from the trenches
  • Fun facts to share with the kids, and more
  • Filled with activities for all ages, interests, and situations, The Practical Guide to Weekend Parenting will show you how to make the most out of every moment with your kids. (182 pp.)


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