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The Wumblers: Coping with Fear and Worry

The Wumblers: Coping with Fear and Worry

No. 6867D

Public School Edition
by Laura J. Wellington

Get ready to Wumble with a video series that promotes respect and understanding of others. The Wumblers are sweet-natured, multi-colored characters who live in an exciting world where food falls from the sky and babies come from watermelon. Each story blends an important lesson with inspiration, imagination, and fun. Culturally and globally conscious, The Wumblers devote each and every episode to making the world a better place for ALL.

This DVD contains 3 episodes on the topic of Fear and Worry:

  • "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" - At a sleepover, Gibby is so afraid of the dark, she tries to stay up all night. Raimundo pulls out his guitar and sings a song, helping Gibby get over her fear.
  • "I Can't Do Anything Right" - Bertrum learns that having a bad day doesn't mean it's going to last forever.
  • "Where's Aunt Cordelia?" - Bertrum starts to doubt his Aunt Cordelia's love when the postcards she promised to send him every day from her trip fail to show up.
  • For grades preK-3. English and Spanish included on each DVD. Three episodes on one DVD along with Teacher's Guides and coloring sheets (English only). 25 min.

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