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Real Life Teens: Weapons & Violence

Real Life Teens: Weapons & Violence

No. 6578D

The Real Life Teens video series takes an unbiased, realistic look at a wide variety of issues teens face today—from a teen perspective. Featuring young teenagers (not actors) telling their stories in their own words. Designed for use with grades 8-12.

Weapons & Violence
This program discusses the effects and repercussions of weapons and violence on campus. Learn the methods to control anger and where to get help when the pressures of being a teen become overwhelming. This video details the punishments most schools have in effect to curb fighting on campus. It includes interviews with school officials on the dangers and punishments involved with bringing a weapon on to campus. (22 min.)

Subjects covered include:

  • Weapons on campus.
  • A safe learning environment at school.
  • Does fighting at school carry penalties?
  • Anger and violence.
  • How to avoid a fight.
  • Where to turn for help if threatened.
  • Punishment for weapons on campus.
  • Punishment for fighting on campus.
  • Anger management & peer-counseling.
  • Where to turn for help with an anger issue.
  • The programs available to help teens.

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