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When Your Child Is 6 to 12

When Your Child Is 6 to 12

No. 9227

by John M. Drescher
Middle childhood is the last good chance to hold your child close. These are, observes the author, years of primarily happy companionship between children and parents. No longer as dependent as a preschooler and not yet as independent as a teenager, the child between ages 6 and 12 is a malleable being, inclined to imitate his or her parents, looking for the safety of parental love.

The relative ease of this age may lead parents to believe that their job as parents is nearly done. Not so, asserts Drescher.

This book is a call to enjoy the middle years, but not to mistake their importance by neglecting the child who seems happy and content. Drescher inspires and never intimidates. He delivers his advice with compassion and care. (96 pp. )


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