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Who's Raising Your Child? Battling the Marketers for Your Child's Heart and Soul

Who's Raising Your Child? Battling the Marketers for Your Child's Heart and Soul

No. 8815

by Laura J. Buddenberg & Kathleen M. McGee

Help kids care less about things and more about people!

Marketers are relentlessly pursuing our children. Trying to imprint their brand image on kids as young as two, they are advertising to children not only through the mass media but over the Internet, in school, on the street, even at slumber parties! The evidence shows that they are succeeding—kids are spending or influencing their parents to spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year, most of it in a quest to be "cool."

Are you and your kids caught up in this culture of consumption? Have the marketers convinced your children that if they just buy the right things they will be happy, cool, and popular with their peers? This book explores today's hyper-commercialized society and the damage it is doing to our children as they grow from toddlers to teens.

Also endangering kids is a pop culture where violence, profanity, and sex permeate the entertainment media and advertising. Parents feel increasingly alone and overwhelmed in trying to shield children from this toxic environment. Parents looking for help will find it here. The authors offer timely advice to parents on how to mitigate the effects of a materialistic, poisonous culture, and to raise kids who care less about things and more about people. (205 pp.)

iParenting Media Award Winner
National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Winner
National Parenting Publications Gold Award Winner

"The message about being careful to shield your kids from too much marketing is very good. They showed me some examples that I hadn't realized were out there. The book certainly does a good job of reminding parents to be diligent in protecting our kids from influences we don't approve of."
-iParenting Media Awards Reviewer

"This is a clear, concise, well-written book. It shares an important message, and gives parents permission to trust their own instincts. You do not need to be an expert to feel comfortable implementing these ideas into your family."
-iParenting Media Awards Reviewer

"What an informative look at the way media messages shape our self-images, relationships and spending patterns. From the descriptive opening pages offering a bird's eye view of a teenager's prom preparations to a toddler's favorite birthday gifts, readers are lured into a story of the effect of mass consumerism on modern day families. Startling statistics, real life examples, and an easy to read format make this book a perfect conversation starter for parents, teachers, community leaders and marketers. The format includes stories, sidebars, bulleted lists and numerous topic headings within each chapter making it easy to read during stolen moments throughout the day. The authors address marketing tactics that influence toddlers, adolescents, tweens and teens (Note: The same strategies are often used to persuade adult consumers as well.) Topics include sex, violence, alcohol, pornography, video games, music and magazines. The resources section offers additional sources of help and information."
-JoAnna Carey, author of Rat Race Relaxer: Your Potential & The Maze of Life

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