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Winning with The Velvet Touch

Winning with The Velvet Touch

No. 8650

Introducing a Breakthrough Approach for Getting People on Your Side
by Richard Stern, with a foreword by Mary M. Pike, Psy.D.

Get the world on your side with The Velvet Touch!

In this reader-friendly guide, entrepreneur Richard Stern unlocks the secret to success with a simple concept anyone can apply right now. His unique Velvet Touch approach will help teens develop communication skills and boost relationships to win the cooperation of others.

Through entertaining stories from his own successful entrepreneurial career combined with keen insights on what made each encounter successful, Stern demonstrates the simple yet amazingly effective method he has used to successfully turn the tide in his own direction time and time again.

Revealed in this compelling and page-turning guide, Stern's Velvet Touch approach to life will help adults and teenagers learn the skills to:

  • Communicate with difficult people more effectively.
  • Enhance their ability to get people on their side.
  • Open doors to personal and professional success.
  • Discover the Velvet Touch secret to the sheer enjoyment of establishing great connections every day. From the workplace to the home front, Stern's message will help teens celebrate life more fully and realize their dreams—to win with The Velvet Touch! Hardcover. (168 pp.)

    About the author
    Richard Stern is the Chairman of the Board of Freshëns Quality Brands, a highly successful company with over fifteen hundred locations throughout the United States. Prior to serving on the board at Freshëns, he founded All American Bowling Corporation, one of the largest bowling center chains held by a private individual.

    Richard's hallmark for success in his professional and personal life has been the practice of The Velvet Touch. His dream of presenting this unique tool for getting people on your side is achieved with this simple yet powerful formula for attaining a more rewarding and successful life.

    Richard lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Table of Contents

    Foreword by Mary M. Pike, Psy. D.
    Chapter One - Upgrade Your Thinking
    Chapter Two - Communicating with The Velvet Touch
    Chapter Three - Using The Velvet Touch Daily
    Chapter Four - The Velvet Touch at Work
    Chapter Five - When Things Get "Touchy"
    Chapter Six - Putting It All Together

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