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Winning At Parenting Without Beating Your Kids



This item has been discontinued and is sold out. Check the parenting videos section for alternatives.

<i>by Barbara Coloroso</i><br>A humorous video approach to child-rearing including topics on chores, discipline, allowances, meal and bed times, fighting, rebellion and sex education. <i>119 min.</i><p><b>Topics:</b><br><li>How to Think - Not what you think...Children need to grow up with the ability to solve their own problems<li>Give Life to Learning - Empower and influence...Not control and make mind<li>The Three Families - Brick Wall, Jellyfish, Backbone...Which one are you?<li>Chores - "Dump the trash"...It's not the severity or the consequence; it's the certainty<li>The Three Cons - Weeping, Wailing, Gnashing Teeth...They beg, they get angry, they sulk!<li>Discipline - Giving life to learning...Discipline is not punishment<li>Allowance - The "Stickers and Stars" syndrome...Are you bribing your kids?<li>Mealtime - Picky eaters, panicky parents...Talk about food and let your children help<li>Solving Problems - It's OK to make a mistake<li>Bedtime - You need their sleep!...Get a routine<li>Fighting - Using your head (and your feet)...and leave your children's dignity intact<li>Jail - "We love you, we're here"...Don't rescue, don't punish...discipline<li>Rebellion - "I can be me"...Allow them to rebel in non-threatening ways<li>Sex Education - Celebrate!...What children need to know and when<li>Kids are worth it! - You're worth it...Go for it</li>