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World Class Marriage

World Class Marriage

No. 9366

NEW!  How to Create the Relationship You Always Wanted with the Partner You Already Have

by Patty Howell and Ralph Jones
Millions of American marriages have failed or will fail, resulting in what the authors see as a social epidemic that brings devastating consequences to the couple, their children, and to the economic and social fabric of society. Building upon their notion of the 16 "pillars" that promote a healthy and rewarding marriage, the authors present a structure for relationship success that is built upon groundbreaking information about what does and does not work in relationships and the conditions that promote growth and intimacy. This approach offers couples a powerful toolbox for eliminating behaviors that damage their relationship and pumping up the behaviors that promote love, caring, closeness and cooperation. World Class Marriage is a book all couples who want to see their marriages last should read and share. (Hardcover, 198 pp.)

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Families Talk About...Marriage (DVD)

Families Talk About...Marriage (DVD)

No. 6410D

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DVD in English 6410D $69.95 $55.97  
DVD in Spanish 1257D $69.95 $55.97  

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