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1973 - Active Parenting 4th Ed. Video Library 3: Responsibility & Discipline

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Product Rating:     Date Posted: 2015-03-27 18:48:49
Highly recommended
Posted By: Video Librarian magazine
Location: WA United States
"...featuring well-acted vignettes of true-to-life interactions between parents and kids, the video shows active (authoritarian) approaches to discipline, contrasting those with the traditional concept of reward and punishment. According to Popkin, "In the long run, a stronger person inflicting pain on a smaller, weaker person may cause more harm than good to the child and the relationship." Far from offering a Pollyanna view, the dramatizations show adults and kids behaving badly before going over the same situation with different strategies (such as using effective "I" messages) that will lead to much better outcomes. A helpful guide to dealing with some of the most challenging aspects of parenting, this is highly recommended. "