Research Studies, Tools, and Tests

Research Studies

  • Results from the latest Active Parenting and Active Parenting of Teens field studies
  • More than 30 years’ worth of research to support the efficacy of the Active Parenting model
  • Research studies categorized by Active Parenting program

Measurement Tools

  • Pre-tests, post-tests, and questionnaires for many Active Parenting programs to help you gauge how much progress the parents in your classes are making
  • Class Evaluation Forms to give to parents at the end of class



for Active Parenting: First Five Years. You’ll get valuable information about your own program, along with books and Amazon gift cards, plus a copy of the overall field test results.

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Active Parenting programs have been recognized as Legacy programs on NREPP since 2008 and were scheduled to be relisted as “re-reviewed” just before NREPP was taken offline.

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Publish your Active Parenting research and we will reimburse you your cost of materials.

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Our programs support National Extension Parent Education Model (NEPEM).

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Has your organization completed a research study on an Active Parenting Program?

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