Research and SAMHSA listing for
Active Parenting 4th Edition
(the basis for Christian Active Parenting)

Combining the wisdom of the Bible with solid parenting education research
Christian Active Parenting is based on the Active Parenting 4th Edition program. This program and the Active Parenting model have been selected for many studies by academics and other professionals. Active Parenting 4th Edition is an update of previous editions, but the essential model remains the same.

The results of those studies are available in the Research section of our web site. Active Parenting also has a list of parenting research studies available for review. Click here for:

  • Field Study Results
  • “Active Parenting: An Evaluation of Two Adlerian Parent Education Programs”
  • Draft report on Active Parenting Now project
  • our summary of 19 studies that span more than 20 years of Active Parenting history and provide strong scientific evidence of the efficacy of the Active Parenting model.

NREPP: SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices
The Active Parenting model (including Active Parenting 4th Edition, Active Parenting of Teens, and Families in Action) has been listed by the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), a service of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Click here for the complete NREPP program review.

CEBC: California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare 
The California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare (CEBC) provides child welfare professionals with easy access to vital information about selected child welfare related programs. The primary task of the CEBC is to inform the child welfare community about the research evidence for programs being used or marketed in California. Click here for the CEBC listing.

Measurement tools for your own research
Pre- and post-tests for the Active Parenting 4th Edition classes are available for download here. Tools are also available in Spanish.

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