Reach more parents by effectively promoting your class

In today’s busy world, it takes more than simply scheduling a class to fill the room. You have to get the word out! But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are some handy free resources for marketing your classes.

  •  Don’t forget to add a free listing about your Families in Action classes on our web site!
  • Check out our How to Promote page, which includes the free online booklet: “How to Start and Promote a Parenting Education Group” (applies to teen classes, too).
  • On your web site, point families to these special pages just for them. You could also use these pages as e-mail.

Parent class participant info page

Teen class participant info page

Parent + Teen class participant info page

  • Here are downloadable flyers to customize and print (or e-mail). After downloading, click on the typewriter icon to enable editing.

Flyer for parent class

Flyer for teen class

Flyer for parent + teen class

  •  Need a logo for your site or for e-mail? Right-click on the ones shown below, then save.

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