15 Minutes Outside

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365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids
by Rebecca P. Cohen

What could happen if you and your kids went outside, every day, for just 15 minutes?

You might be surprised at the powerful, profound, and fun effect it can have on a family. And you don’t need lots of expertise, cash, planning or time-just a willingness to get out there and nurture yourself and your kids with a little nature. A rich and entertaining book of ideas and inspiration drawn from the author’s own desire to get outside every day, Fifteen Minutes Outside is a season-by-season collection of 365 easy and enjoyable ways to connect as a family and explore life outdoors.

You can:

  • Picnic at sunrise
  • Stage a flashlight play
  • Become an ice artist
  • Build a butterfly station
  • Watch the clouds race

In an age ruled by screen time and overscheduling, Fifteen Minutes Outside is a welcome resource for every parent, caregiver, and teacher. It’s time for a simple breath of fresh air. Let outdoor lifestyle expert Rebecca Cohen begin or enhanced your enjoyment of the great outdoors-and bring your family closer together. (228 pp.)

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