Actions & Consequences for Teens Card Game

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created by Estelle A. Leutenburg and Kathy L. Khalsa OTR/L

This interactive card game is developed to help participants stop, think about their options, consider the consequences of their behavior, and ultimately make better personal choices. 75 real-life situation cards explore six relevant areas: Alcohol and Drugs; Family; Managing Anger, Time, and Money; Peer Relations; Personal Health and Responsibility; Rules and Laws. Complete instructions guide the leader into discussion of responding rather than reacting, and a method of choosing powerfully to have desired outcomes rather than negative consequences.

Each card describes a situation. For each situation, three questions will be asked to shape a new way of thinking:
1. What would I most likely do (in real life)?
2. What is most likely to happen if I do this?
3. Would my action result in a positive or negative outcome?

The game includes a game board, 75 Situation Cards and instructions. For groups ages 12-18.

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