Alternative High: The Shawn Welcome Story (DVD)

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Alternative High: The Troy Shawn Welcome Story

from Youth Communication
A video based on true events tells the story of Troy Shawn Welcome, a troubled teenager who battles family turmoil, the lure of the streets and peer pressure and academic misfortunes on the way to a successful career as a high school principal in The Bronx. Determined to “be the man his father never was,” Troy embarks on a journey of enlightenment and self-awareness. After dropping out of high school, he returns and later enrolls into an alternate school known for nurturing its students back to academic health. Going to school in this new environment, Troy faces a completely different set of challenges to overcome. There he learns about himself and learns how to trust those who only want to help him succeed. With the support of teachers and his classmates, he graduates from high school and later attends college and goes on to become a successful principal at an alternative school similar to the one he went to as a teen. (13 min.)

Can be used in conjunction with Real Men: Urban Teens Write about How to Be a Man.

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