Best Behavior board books (set of 10)

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by Elizabeth Verdick and Martine Agassi; illustrated by Marieka Heinlen
In simple words and delightful illustrations, these board books teach the basics of kindness to others. They also include helpful tips for parents and caregivers. (24 pp. each)

Set of 10 board books includes:

  • Hands Are Not for Hitting
  • Teeth Are Not for Biting
  • Words Are Not for Hurting
  • Feet Are Not for Kicking
  • Tails Are Not for Pulling
  • Germs Are Not for Sharing
  • Voices Are Not for Yelling
  • Noses Are Not for Picking
  • Diapers Are Not Forever
  • Pacifiers Are Not Forever
  • These books are also sold separately.

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