Born, Not Raised: Voices from Juvenile Hall

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by Susan Madden Lankford
Explores the troubled psyches of young people incarcerated in Juvenile Hall. At the core of this compelling book are contributions elicited from the youths themselves. Their scrawled or careful handwriting—and brutal or poignant drawings—speak as powerfully as their words. Additional perspectives from psychiatrists, neuroscientists, and experts in the field of juvenile justice underscore the social and neurobiological impacts of childhood trauma. Ultimately, the message of Born, Not Raised is hope—that unnurtured youth, with all their dreams and deficits, can be re-parented and rewoven into the social fabric. Winner of a Mom’s Choice Gold Award. (Note: due to the nature of the subject matter, there are some adult themes included in this book.) (229 pp.)

About the book:

“A compassionate call to action… Lankford argues that most inmates [of juvenile hall] can transform their traumatic histories into productive maturity if sustained by just one ‘good enough’ adult.”
– Publishers Weekly

“More policy-oriented than academic in tone, this book is recommended for specialized juvenile justice collections and libraries holding the other two volumes in the series. Though government austerity is in vogue, this book is a powerful reminder of the social costs of neglecting the specific needs of at-risk youth.”
– Library Journal

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