Good Kids, Bad Choices (DVD)

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This flexible video can be used with both parents and students.

According to a survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 43% of US teens admitted to drinking alcohol in the past month, 20% used marijuana, 10% said they had driven a car after drinking. Among high school students, 47% have had sex and 37% of those did not use a condom. Why do some teens take dangerous risks? What are the underlying causes of the bad choices they make? Is there something parents can do to minimize the risks of adolescence? Good Kids, Bad Choices will explore these issues and offer advice from experts for parents and teens. Video contains five segments. (22 min.)

The downloadable 16-page Resource Guide provides:


  • Fact Sheet
  • reproducible Parent’s Tips sheet
  • Discussion questions for students and adults
  • Lesson Plan for grades 3-5
  • Lesson Plan for grades 6-8
  • Lesson Plan for grades 9-12


Sample from the video:

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