Legacies: A Guide for Young Black Women in Planning Their Future

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by Constance Gipson and Hazel Mahone, Ed.D.
Legacies: A Guide For Young Black Women in Planning Their Future
shares the rich heritage of African Americans through the voices of sixteen African Queens and nearly forty successful contemporary black women. Legacies not only gives young readers an understanding about their rich heritage of the most powerful, successful and wealthiest empires of Mali, Ghana and Songhai, it also explores the African Diaspora, slavery and the Civil Rights era. The pages of Legacies are lavishly illustrated with beautiful artwork and with poems which resonate with black girls and young women.

The highly-respected contemporary women featured in Legacies provide young readers with in depth and insightful mentor essays. These essays share the experiences of many of the world’s leading African American women. Through these essays, young women may realize they have the capability to overcome obstacles, break down barriers and have a bright future. Some of the exceptional personal mentor essays featured in Legacies include; Mellody Hobson, President of Ariel Investments and a regular contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America, Ambassador Ruth Davis, career member of the Senior Foreign Service (Africa Bureau); and, Dr. Patricia Bath, inventor of the Laserphaco Probe for improving the treatment and removal of cataracts and the first black female doctor to receive a medical patent. Legacies encourages young women to pursue STEM and non-traditional occupations.

Legacies offers its readers interactive exercises such as grammar tests, worksheets to evaluate skill set, job interview and/or learn interviewing skills, develop a weekly and 5-year plan, goal setting, how to formulate a budget, make critical decisions, dealing with anger and nutritional awarenes to avoid obesity. Legacies also embraces the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow and devotes several passages in Chapter 16 to the future business owner. Through interactive activities, young girls who choose entrepreneurship have an opportunity to create their own company logo, television commercial, website or write radio jingles for their business.

Other valuable tools in Legacies are the journaling exercises interspersed among the 320 pages. Legacies provides young girls with real-life scenarios in areas such as bullying, sex-texting, peer pressure, acting white, skin color, sexual harassment and abuse. These writing prompts allow small groups to engage their ladies in valuable “think before you act” or “what would you do” discussions creating a safe environment for young women to talk about these and other difficult subjects. Click for sample pages from Legacies. (320 pp.)

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