Long-Distance Grandparenting

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by Willma Willis Gore
Long ago, grandparents often lived as close to their grandchildren as down the street or across the field. In today’s mobile society, effective grandparenting is a challenge for everyone for parents, grandparents, and grandkids alike.

What’s a grandparent to do?

Enter Long-Distance Grandparenting: Connecting with Your Grandchildren from Afar. Chock-full of advice and warming anecdotes, Long-Distance Grandparenting offers countless ways to remain a loving part of your grandchildren’s lives in spite of the miles between you.

Includes strategies every grandparent can use for:

  • Sharing intergenerational vacations
  • Using your grandparental ingenuity to keep kids engaged
  • Understanding the risks and rewards of grandparent advice
  • What to do when parents break up
  • Maximizing grandfathers’ special talents
  • Communicating via snail mail and e-mail
  • Creating memories that will last a lifetime
  • (95 pp.)

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