Mommy, Draw Stars on My Tummy: Rhymes, Songs, and Touch-Play Activities to Stay Connected

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by Martine Groeneveld; illustrated by Brad Kunkle

Nurturing touch within a family is the foundation for healthy child development. In Mommy, Draw Stars on my Tummy, “touch-play” activities are combined with catchy rhymes and tunes, which you and your child will enjoy together, again and again.

In just ten minutes a day you can incorporate healthy and loving “touch-play” activities in your life and discover an array of benefits:

  • Comfort, calm and connect with your child in a loving way.
  • Stimulate development in a nurturing environment.
  • Laugh, have fun, and feed your child’s imagination.
  • Teach your child to experience and learn about “good touch” in a playful way.
  • Create a happier, healthier family.
  • Hardcover. (31 pp.)

    In the introduction you will read how the inspiration for the book came about and what the purpose for the book is. You will also learn some basic information in regards to nurturing touch for children.

    This section consists of five rhymes. A couple are newly created for this book and some are well-known or rewritten to well known verses, like Five Little Caterpillars. Each rhyme has an added set of tips on how to engage your child or to add variety to the rhyme according to your child’s development stage.

    Five games are included in this book that can be done anywhere and anytime. Tips are added to each of the games as well to engage your child and for variety.

    The five songs are written to the tunes of familiar songs.

    Two short and easy-to-read stories with wonderful and fun hand routines to follow along on your child’s back.

    Research on The Benefits of Touch
    In this section you’ll learn that scientific research on the benefits of touch has been conducted widely for a long time and what the most amazing foundings are in regards to touch for children.

    Information is provided to learn more about nurturing touch for children and healthy family development.

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